Little Einsteins
Little Einstein’s preschool is a pioneer of early childhood education based on multiple intelligence theory
To provide a broad and balanced international curriculum which supports individuals and allows students to achieve their-full potential.

Welcome to Little Einsteins

LE Preschool was set up in 2007 with the vision of providing learning environments that are child-centered and based on the multiple intelligence framework of Dr. Howard Gardner, a well-renowned cognitive psychologist from Harvard University. The MI approach, which is currently being implemented in the US and other countries and backed by recent research on how children learn, is truly responsive to the needs of the 21st Century. This framework prepares the Indian child to be creative, critical, and divergent thinkers who are able to really ‘think outside the box.’ In our schools, we recognize that by teaching for understanding, our students are encouraged to problem-solve, to hone their skills, and to develop their individual strengths. All these are qualities that will allow students to ride the tide of the Information Age. Since we understand that every child learns in many ways and each has his own interests and needs, we provide children with multiple access or entry points to a concept through their different intelligence or “smarts”. We also do our best not only to provide a holistic curriculum but also to practice “differentiated teaching” inside our classrooms because we understand the differences in interests, needs, and learning styles among the learners.

The mission is to ensure that education is specific to a child’s need where emphasis is on how to learn; as we say “The genius is within.”

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