Little Einsteins


Infants are cared for and nurtured by our professional staff in their own private and personal environment filled with color and stimulation to meet the needs of their development. Caregivers provide support to infants throughout the day with a balanced routine and are alert to babies’ cues. The environment is set up to foster infants’ … Continue reading Infant Program

Our Toddlers enjoy safe and protective surroundings to explore and develop new abilities. Small and large muscle coordination is developed through outside and inside free play with age appropriate toys.During this age toddlers are learning to explore the sights, sounds and textures around them and they do so by using all their five senses. External … Continue reading Toddler Program

Little Einsteins offers the Preschool, Nursery, and Kindergarten programs that will prepare the child for regular school and lay a solid foundation for his future. These programs introduce the child to the joy of learning in the initial years of his life and will help him in his all-round growth and shape his personality.