Little Einsteins


(2 Years to 5 Years)

Little Einsteins offers the Preschool, Nursery, and Kindergarten programs that will prepare the child for regular school and lay a solid foundation for his future. These programs introduce the child to the joy of learning in the initial years of his life and will help him in his all-round growth and shape his personality.

The main objective is to facilitate a smooth transition from pre-school to primary school. Importance is laid on activities that promote child development in the following key areas :

  • Gross Motor skills
  • Fine Motor skills
  • Language skills (communicative and receptive)
  • Cognitive skills
  • Dining etiquette
  • Social behavior
  • Concept knowledge
  • Activity participation

At LE we make no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education.

Little Exploration Day

Held once a term, Little Exploration Day is a day where parents are invited on appointments and are requested to evaluate the progress of the child with an open mind.

Little Engagements

Held at regular intervals across the academic year, Little Engagements provide an opportunity for parents and faculty to meet on appointment at regular basis to discuss concerns and agree solutions in the best interests of the child.

Little Endeavors

Children learn a lot through observation and experience which is precisely why at LE we take them out on Little Endeavors. Held once a month and related to the concept of the month, these outings give a unique hands on experience to the children added with a little adventure to remember.

Little Enthusiasts

An innovative effort by Little Einsteins to appreciate and encourage the bright children. The scholarship is awarded by an external panel of judges to the top 3 students.